Founder- CEO

First of all, I would like to send you our respectful greetings and best wishes! As a Vietnamese living and working for 20 years in Japan. Experienced in living and working environment, with determination to learn to approach modern Japanese Industrial – Agricultural Development.

2002: Establishing Hoang Duc Joint Stock Company in Japan

2004: Establishing Lap Duc Service Trading Production Company Limited in Vietnam.

Business activities – Services – Production, Import-Export.

With the Board of Directors along with 70 employees of the relevant departments

I am always concerned about bringing in modern machinery and technology to create Japanese quality products to serve the Vietnamese people. Bring them reliable, top quality brands.

With determination to strive for common goals not for personal gain to help sustain growth. I think success is not simply about numbers, but also about the success of strategic partnerships, suppliers and customer satisfaction about the product.

With the commitment and guarantee of the core values

“Prestige – Quality – Respect”

To become a reliable companion in all activities.

Best regards.

About us

Lap Duc Forklift completes its 16 years of journey as leading exporter and importer in the forklift business. It was established in 2004, the company expertise in dealing with forklift rental.

Xe nâng Lập Đức
Hình ảnh công ty Lập Đức

The company is associated with nine other reputed member manufacturers such as Komatsu, Toyota, TCM, Mitsubishi, and others, to name a few. The company is known worldwide for dealing in premium quality products. Lap Duc Forklift specializes in forklift trucks such as oil forklift, golf car, electric standing, gasoline and electric forklift, etc. Its product line also includes motor vehicle such as bulldozer, excavator truck, and car picks.

The company believes in commitment and guarantees its core values of prestige, quality and respect for all. Mr Vu Hoang Duc – The founder and general director of Lap Duc Forklift have correctly stated, “My prime concern has always been to bring modern machinery and technology together to create supreme quality Japanese products. I aim to serve Vietnamese people with reliable and high-quality products.”

Mr.Vu Hoang Duc

Lap Duc Forklift advises its customers to select an appropriate forklift that matches their storage requirements. Choosing the correct equipment reduces the cost of investment for consumers.

The company also has hands-on experience in buying and selling of used forklifts. With the constant increase in the development of industries, the demand for forklifts is exceptionally high in the market. To benefit all the customers, the company helps its customers to determine the right forklift and avoid the risk of purchasing a low-quality model.

Lap Duc Forklift has been making continual efforts from time to time in providing quality services at affordable costs. Upholding this vision, the founder has further added, “We work as a team with a common objective to sustain growth. To me, success is not limited to numbers. It deepens with the success of strategic partnership, suppliers and customer satisfaction above all.”

The company strives to work harder and aims to stand tall as a reliable companion for all its consumers in the upcoming years.

About the Company:
In this journey of 16 years, the company has successfully marked itself as a leading service provider dealing in forklifts. Established in 2004, as Lap Duc Forklift Service Trading Production in Vietnam, the company has set its identity as a leading company in export and import of forklifts. They have been continually developing themselves, listening to market requirements and trying to meet the expectations of the customers. Their distinctive way of working and relentless efforts in delivering quality service has given them a flawless reputation over the years. With their sole motto of rendering quality service at affordable prices, the company has become a top choice of all customers and businesses.

Đội ngũ kỹ thuật công ty Lập Đức - năm 2013
Technical team of Lap Duc Company – 2013
Đội ngũ kỹ thuật công ty Lập Đức - Năm 2020
Technical team of Lap Duc Company – 2020

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Address: 746A, 1A National Road, Binh Hung Hoa B Ward, Binh Tan Dicst, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Phone: 028 62 66 98 98

Hotline: (+84) 903.333.581