Forklift Rental And Leasing

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Our forklifts are widely demanded by various industries like textile, warehouse, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, aviation, glass, ceremics, construction, beverages, automobile OEM & its Ancillary unit. we provide Forklifts on Rental for monthly and yearly basis. All our forklifts trucks are properly handled by expert professionals, who have rich experience in their field. Apart from this, our expert quality controllers thoroughly check all lifts on various parameters, before delivering these to customers.

Diversified types of forklift imported from Japan. Help to save fuel, ensure continuous cargo lifting for hours, suitable for transportation, arranging goods in warehouses, factories, or packing goods and withdrawals in containers.

With over 400 forklifts at Showroon. Establish Germany to meet the needs of your forklift rental.

  • Leasing period is 3 months or more.

  • Browse the rental procedure quickly, meet the car immediately.

  • Supply of forklift: diesel, electric, gasoline – gas forklift.

  • Forklift with lifting capacity from 1-15 tons

  • Lifting height: 3-6m

  • Forklift for cold storage

Note:    -If you rent a lot, we consider 1 additional backup to help you operate continuously.

            -With a team of technical engineers to fix the problems quickly.


Cho thuê xe nâng dầu diesel
Cho thuê xe nâng dầu diesel
Cho thuê xe xăng - gas
Gasoline-Gas Forklift rental
Cho thuê xe nâng điện đứng lái
Electric Forklift rental
Cho thuê xe nâng điện ngồi lái
Electric Forklift rental


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